About me

My name is Viola and I am a passionate painter who always strives to bring her works to life with a touch of magic.

I live and work in the beautiful Tyrolean mountains in Austria, where the breathtaking landscapes and the tranquility of nature are my greatest inspiration. When I paint, I find a deep connection to the environment that calms and fulfills me. Through my art, I not only want to convey aesthetic joy, but also inspire people to see the beauty in the little things in life and to find themselves. The slow way of life, trust in your own creative process and appreciation of the natural world are central elements that flow into my works.

I have been painting since I was a child and my passion for learning has shaped my artistic journey. I have expressed my creativity in different phases, but I always end up painting landscapes. I have a deep desire to constantly grow and to convey my message authentically. Every brushstroke, every play of light and shadow, every shape and texture not only tells a story, but also reflects my personal development. I firmly believe that trying new things and being curious about new techniques and forms of expression are endlessly inspiring.

My sketchbook is my constant companion for capturing fleeting moments and memories or simply expressing myself creatively. Away from my studio, I share my passion and knowledge through my YouTube channel, where I provide insights into my creative process and pass on tips for aspiring artists.

As a passionate artist, I also offer my works for sale. Browse through my online shop to discover works of art that will touch your soul and enhance your home.

“The world needs people who dare to find their unique voice and express it through art and creativity."

Together with you, I want to discover the magic that lies dormant within all of us on this magical journey of self-discovery and artistic exploration. Let us express the uniqueness within us and beautify the world with our creativity.

Thank you for being here!

“The world needs people who dare to find their unique voice and express it through art and creativity.”


TYPOLOGIES: INTJ, Sun in Aries, Moon in Pisces, Ascendant in Scorpio

LOVES: Sunrises, time in nature, the mountains, country music and my loved ones.

HATES: Superficial conversations and the feeling of time pressure.

HOBBIES: Sketchbook experiments, gardening and mountain biking, journaling, photography.

INTENTION: To discover the hidden beauty in the everyday and create meaningful connections through my art.

STILL LEARNING: Embracing imperfections as part of the creative process, diving deeper into color theory and new creative techniques.

FAVORITE TOOL/MATERIAL: Acrylic gouache and a sketchbook.

MANTRA: Embrace the journey, trust the process, and bring intention to each brush stroke.

COLLECTOR OF: Sketchbooks, vintage treasures, memories of unforgettable adventures in nature.