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5 creative bullet journal ideas for fall

Autumn is here and it's time to immortalize this beautiful season with a few pages in your journal. You can use the best of fall to brighten up your pages: pumpkins, leaves, and so much more!

Autumn is a wonderful season full of inspiration. Here are a few ideas for you:

1. create a page to welcome fall

I painted an autumnal wreath with watercolors here - let your creativity run wild!

2. Make a list of your fall favorites

Lists are simply part of the bullet journal! Here I designed the page freely with a few stickers. Reading , cozy sweaters, pumpkins, leaves and cake. Just add everything you love about fall to your list!

3. create a page with a quote

Try hand lettering, create a collage or stamp your favorite autumn quote! You can find many quotes on Pinterest, for example.

4. Illustrate a recipe

There are so many delicious fall recipes! Try a new recipe and create a page in your bullet journal collections.

5. create a mood board

Print out a few pictures or collect clippings from newspapers and create a collage with washi tape and stickers. I added a list of self-care ideas to my mood board so that I always have my ideas at hand.

I don't know about you, but I'm really excited for fall. These bullet journal ideas are designed to help you get into the fall spirit. Do you also love autumn? Which idea did you like best?

Feel free to leave me a comment!

Here you can find the relevant video on YouTube for this article. Here I'll show you how I designed the pages.

Discover the Art of Autumn Journaling: 5 Creative Ideas 🍂 - YouTube

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