Über die neue Magic Nights Kollektion

About the new Magic Nights collection

Today I would like to write a little about the inspiration for my new collection.

When I opened my little shop about four years ago, in January 2020, my first product was a set of moon-themed stickers.

What I find so fascinating about the moon is its constantly changing phases. It's like a symbol of the ups and downs that I also experience as an artist. Likewise, creativity also has its ups and downs.

The moon has become a constant companion in my creative process and influences my work in many ways. That's why you can find it in many of my sticker designs, but also in other art projects.

For the new collection, I went back to traditional art with brush on paper. I really enjoy it. Here is a little insight into my sketchbook:

In this collection you will find pieces that capture the serenity of the moon and the magic of the night sky. It took me a while to find the perfect color palette for this collection, but I am so happy with the result.

You can also watch how I painted the moths on my YouTube channel:

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